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We were referred to Jim by one of our friends who had Jim represent them. We were first time buyers and appreciated his experience. And we really needed it. You see, the home we decided on was a bankruptcy sale and there was a substantial legal process at work. Jim was very patient and helped guide us through the process. Legal matters behind the scene were constant and sometimes we didn’t know if we would get the home. In the end, everything worked out and we love our home. Jim really helped us in so many ways, and we really want to recommend him to anyone thinking of buying or selling a home.

by Filbert & Josie

I met Jim Summers several years ago at an open house. At the time, I thought I was ready to buy a new home, but after Jim showed me some properties, I realized I was not quite ready yet. He gave me some excellent advice about things to do in my current house so it would be ready for a sale when the time came. I appreciated that he helped educate me and did not push me to buy something then. He stayed in touch and when I was ready I called him to help me sell my home and buy another. He really understand the market and we made a plan. His timing was perfect and all the improvements paid off. We received multiple offers and a price that was higher than my asking price. In a tough market where many properties don’t move, I was thrilled. To top it off, he helped me negotiate a favorable price with some customization items included. I would definitely use him again and recommend him to other. He is a true professional and treats you with respect.

by Margie McKay

We were fortunate to have Jim as our agent for buying new home. We were looking for special location, well-regarded home builder and a good school for our kids. Jim sat with us several times and helped us narrow down the specific location and home options. Jim connected very well with our family. Jim helped us to negotiate a great deal. Furthermore, Jim introduced us to some of the neighbors and that made us feel very welcome. We would recommend Jim to others for a great home buying experience. Since the sale has closed, Jim has been to our home several times; we fee we have gained a friend as well as a real estate broker.

by Soni & Liz

We wouldn’t have gotten our home using any other real estate broker. Why? There were multiple offers and the competition was fierce for this home. Jim calmly and confidently guided us through the multiple offer process and our offer was selected. The agent who was representing the seller mentioned that Jim’s excellent reputation helped them choose our offer over the others. Jim really means it when he says “ excellence in performance” is his mission.

by Vijai & Nivi

Jim helped us in sooo many ways…Yes, he helped us buy our new CamWest home and helped us with financing and to select many custom features that we truly love, but his service didn’t stop there. We couldn’t move from Taiwan for four months after closing and Jim arranged for lawn service, collected our mail, and kept watch over our home. When we arrived Jim helped us find great bargains on furniture and other household items. We will definitely recommend Jim to our friends.

by Calvin & Grace

Jim sold our home in Lakemont and we would definitely recommend Jim as a professional real estate broker. We met Jim at an open house several years ago but we were not ready to move. A few years later we were transferred to Arizona and we contacted Jim. We had lots of activity and offers but we selected Jim’s offer because it was so well written, the buyer approval was great, and we know Jim’s reputation to be ‘top notch’. The entire transaction process went smoothly and we are so grateful that Jim was the selling broker for our home.

by Bob & Katherine

As first time buyers visiting his open house, Jim took the time to introduce us to financing and he gave us several financing options together with closing costs. This was very helpful to us. We were not interested in that particular home, but we called Jim back and asked if he would represent us and help us find our home. The home we found needed to be remodeled and Jim was very insightful in helping us to plan out the remodel. He kept after us to do more planning and now that we have completed everything we are so happy. The home we purchased has a private well and septic system, which required several additional inspections, as well as getting the seller to pay for well repairs. We appreciated having such an experienced agent representing us each step along the way. Yes we recommend Jim to any one buying or selling real estate.

by Mano & Heather

We would definitely recommend Jim as a professional real estate broker. We met Jim at an open house several years ago but we were not ready to buy; our current home had lost a lot of value and we needed to save. When we had the necessary down payment we again met with Jim and he helped us in so many ways; including customizing our new CamWest home, getting special financing, and being available for us at any time to answer questions. Please believe me when we tell you that Jim Summers is the best real estate broker we have ever met. We recommend Jim to you

by Ed & Qi